BuzziSkin Acoustic Wall Felt

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BuzziSkin Acoustic Wall Felt is like wallpaper but so much more. BuzziSkin comprises 6mm of the acoustic material Buzzifelt which provides sound insulation in any environment, but is intended especially for use in modern office workplaces where so much unwanted noise accumulates.

Not only does BuzziSkin Acoustic Wall Felt provide sound absorption, it is a surface which also acts as a giant pinboard.

Available in self-adhesive rolls 98cm long, BuzziSkin allows you to create your own combinations of colour – or you can create a wall in one colour, to complement existing interiors.

BuzziSkin Cuts are also available as pictured (BuzziSkin Cuts Round, BuzziSkin Cuts Square, BuzziSkin Cuts Penta, BuzziSkin Cuts Hexa, BuzziSkin Cuts Plank), for smaller areas or for alternative design options. These are available with 0.24″ Buzzifelt – again with self-adhesive backing – in 12 pieces of the same colour.

A truly dynamic and flexible contemporary interior design concept, BuzziSkin Self-Adhesive Rolls from designer Sas Adriaenssens.

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