BuzziBracks is an architectural space-defining modular room system designed for the open office. Establish zones within large spaces to act as informal meetings areas where single users or teams can work or collaborate. The standalone frames are unfixed and can be easily moved to any location and rearranged. The BuzziBracks aluminium rail and metal frame system are finished off with curtains that can be open or closed, giving the users a choice to have a view of the office or more privacy.

Microenvironments offer a selection of add-ons to accessorize the space depending on its use. Chose from a range of accessories such as worktops, flexible shelves, hooks, occupancy flags and glass whiteboards.

BuzziBracks is a modular space-defining room solution to create microenvironments in the modern open office. With the modular aluminium and steel frame combined with sound-absorbing curtains, mix-and-match colours to design informal private spaces. The BuzziBracks provide unfixed movable walls which allow you to create a place to focus or host a meeting without leaving the office. Everything to create a comfortable private or collaborative space is possible with this flexible room system. The dynamic, metal framework provides the office with the means to create spaces according to everyday needs.

By adding BuzziBracks curtains, you provide a visual shield to the outside world while also assisting with acoustics. BuzziBracks can then be used empty and furnished yourself or as a plug-in system, add the specially-designed accessories. Creating those defined work areas couldn’t be easier with the BuzziBracks tables, shelves, sofas and smaller accessories like coat hangers, occupancy flags and pinboards.

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