BuzziBassTrap Bookcase

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BuzziBassTrap Bookcase is a stackable acoustic shelving system, with integrated chamber behind the storage space, which is filled with absorption material which takes cares of low frequency sound.

By placing BuzziBassTrap Bookcase in the corner of the office or breakout area, there will be optimum absorption due to the accumulation of low frequency sound in the corners of a room.  When stacked on one another the total reverberation time for higher frequency noise is reduced, especially when placed towards the centre of a room.

There is no installation and the maximum weight per shelf is 8kg.

BuzziBassTrap Bookcase sizes are as follows:

    Solo: (no shelf) 80 x 73 x 40.5cm

    Duo (1 shelf): 80 x 73 x 77cm

    Trio: (2 shelves): 80 x 73 x 113.5cm

    Quatro (3 shelves): 80 x 73 x 150cm

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