You Can Never Go Wrong with Installing an Office Pedestal

Pedestal file cabinets are the kind of filing system you should get if you want to keep your office orderly and clutter-free. Small drawers and a file drawer are included in pedestal file cabinets. These cabinets are available with recessed metal pulls or regular contoured plastic pulls.

The file drawers’ high walls enable folders to be suspended and fully extended out, giving you and your staff total access. This effortless operation is made possible by a steel ball with suspensions.

You would never have to be concerned about your file cabinets toppling because of the counterweights fitted inside the pedestal files.  To make the placement of your file cabinet locations more flexible, you may even buy mobile pedestals with simple mobile rollers.

Continue ahead and learn about the best office pedestals to help you maintain your office paperwork, especially if you have the Après Furniture design team to help you along with the process.



Wave office pedestals are a brand-new selection from Bisley’s Desk Associated Storage Collection. Its defining feature is the inventive drawer front design with an integrated handle. The most recent manufacturing technique delivers a sturdy framework while concealing a fail-safe drawer interlock and incorporating drawer alignment for easy operation.



The elegant and neutral style of the Universal Collection is maintained in the Universal Transportable 320 office pedestals, allowing this mobile storage solution to blend in with any environment.

The Universal Mobile 320 Pedestal Series is distinct from the rest of the Universal Collection because of its smaller size. Small workstation situations like call centres or temporary offices are perfect for this desk storage unit. Plus, it has pull-out ball-bearing slides on the file drawer that is fitted with a hanging folder frame, roller slides on the box drawers, and a central locking system.



If you want to think and operate in a linear, unique, fashionable, and effective manner, the Sedus Pedestals Range will give you the ideal storage space. Every workplace storage need is met by this premium office pedestal, which also caters to personal preferences.

These office pedestals give you countless options for your workspace, whether you want a desk-height pedestal, under-desk permanent pedestals, mobile pedestals, or a temporary seating solution (with a cushion).



There are numerous office storage options with drawers or hinged doors. Ruba is made of melamine-faced surfaces to offer useful and affordable solutions. Each of these office pedestal’s feet can be levelled from within, allowing each cabinet to fit uneven flooring.

All stationery and filing solutions come with a central locking mechanism and different drawer height options. The handles sit flush with the outside.

The Ruba Pedestal Cabinet line includes several office storage options, which are offered in various sizes. The important thing is, it provides a dependable and secure choice for modern office storage.


Key Takeaway For Office Pedestal!

Routine desk clean-up can become a hassle, but knowing it is necessary, as important documents have a way of going missing if seen lying around, is one reason why pedestals are important. We at Après Furniture have the most accommodating office pedestals in the market, so be sure to check them out!