Working Remotely And Co-Working Spaces: An Ever Increasing Trend

More and more businesses are choosing to mix things up by offering growing remote positions and ditching the traditional office space for co-working environments. There is a plethora of benefits that come with considering both of these options when setting up a business and the trend is seeing more companies choosing to move away from the 9-5 working day towards a more lenient and natural approach.

Co-working spaces are growing in numbers

Some of the world’s most innovative businesses have recognised that there is no longer a need to confine employees to a set address. In fact, you’ll find a growing number of co-working spaces across capital cities such as London, New York and Berlin as companies are changing the way they operate. Co-working spaces are simply spaces that house multiple companies, either on a short-term or long-term basis. Some of these venues take a particular preference for housing companies belonging to the same industry, while others are completely open to their approach. Offering non-standard opening hours, you can find professionals in such environments 24 hours a day.

What are the benefits of co-working spaces?

There are lots of benefits to choosing to house your business in a co-working space. First of all, it’s entirely plausible to save a great amount of money. Rather than renting out a permanent office space, co-working spaces offer several different packages and, depending on the type chosen, they’ll offer different types of access. From floating desks to spaces that can act as a ‘permanent’ spot for a company, depending on your budget, requirements and team size, there are plenty of options to accommodate every type of business. There are some amazingly designed co-working environments out there utilising modern furniture and bright open space to create a welcoming, motivating environment for all types of professionals.

What other types of flexible space are there?

The term flexible simply means to be non-rigid and there are lots of ways in which your business can benefit from adopting a flexible approach when it comes to where its employees are based. Outside of co-working spaces, there are a growing number of businesses offering remote working. Remote working comes with several benefits both for employees and employers. Not only does it help in terms of cutting down commuting time, but it also can strengthen organisational and communication skills as team members are forced to be self-reliant. By renting a space for a few days a week vs an entire working week, you can save significant money and can help to keep a team motivated by offering up a change of environment to them.

Are you growing tired of your current business address and looking for office inspiration? Why not consider reaping the benefits of co-working or remote working and see your team thrive? There are endless options out there for every type of business, whether you’re based in a big city or have a small team in a countryside setting – don’t limit your options!