Why You Need Bespoke Reception Counters

The reception area in your office holds more significance than you might think. It is the first place potential clients, customers, and employees see; they will always associate this with your company. Therefore, it is essential to design a reception area that correctly portrays your brand and represents your company the way you want it to.

In addition, the first element your visitors see when they enter your workspace is usually the reception counter. A bespoke reception counter serves as a piece of aesthetically attractive reception furniture, helping set a good first impression on potential clients, employees, and whoever enters the premises for the first time.

At Apres, we have over 30 years of experience working with customers, designers, and architects, so we have the knowledge and skills to assist you in creating a unique, tailored reception desk that complements your brand.

Some of our tasteful and stylish bespoke reception desks include:


Premia Reception Desks

This tailored reception desk is a piece of a premium line of bespoke furniture that enables you to give your customers a warm welcome they deserve.

Shaped support panels on Premia Reception desk units allow your workers to walk freely. You may choose from countertops with glass tops finished in veneer or laminate or with chrome inserts and plinths. Additionally, cabling may be readily controlled as needed from floor boxes or wall plugs with access panels built into your contemporary Premia Reception Desks.

If required, as part of your custom-created design, we can integrate your company graphics into glass or laser-cut veneer for a more polished and distinctive look.


Evolution Xpression Reception Desks

With the help of its selection of reception modules, the Evolution Xpression Reception Desks series of reception counter furniture enables you to showcase your company and brand professionally.

This Tailored Reception Desk is perfect for hotel reception rooms, contemporary workplace receptions, public welcome spaces, and any place a modern reception desk is needed because of the variety of forms and sizes available.

It is a distinctive, personalized, and individually created piece of reception furniture for your company. The fairly remarkable and contemporary LED-illuminated recessed feature panel is a distinguishing feature that gives your welcome desk unit a modern, trendy and enhanced visual appeal.

The Evolution Xpression Reception Desk is ideal as it comes in various finishes, has built-in lighting, and can be customized with your company’s logo and brand.


Kin Reception Desks

Four distinctive contemporary designs make up the Kin Reception Desks, built using Corian and HiMacs. A custom-made ergonomic sign-in reception desk, cable management ports, stationery holders, and storage cabinet units are available for Kin reception counters.

You may add illuminated transparent graphics and signs to your Kin receptionist desk, which comes in various colours, to create a unique and personalized tailored reception desk.



At Apres, we ensure that practicality and aesthetics go hand in hand; therefore, each of our bespoke reception desks promises the utmost style, taste, and comfort. Browse the amazing collection of our tailored reception desks to find one that best caters to your needs!