Why Will Modern Office Pods Make You Question Your Current Office Design?

A constant distraction in your work environment can become unbearable at one point. That is how employees in a high-functioning organisation feel. Today’s technological advancements have resulted in an excellent solution in the shape of modern office pods.

Sitting in their cubicle of the noisy open-plan office, wondering how some tranquillity would be pleasant for a while, your employees let the day drag on. So, what if that comfort was brought to them in such scenarios?

Modern office pods will have you second-guessing a congested, open-plan workspace. Continue to read this post ahead as we explore why your perspective would change and explore some of our hand-picked preferences to give you a taste.


The Whole Package

Your employees will thank you for a modern office pod. Do you know why? These pods offer a soundproof, room-within-a-room area to better concentrate on the task at hand.

While open-plan offices are designed from an aesthetic point-of-view (a great impression for visitors), functionality is an aspect that is amiss. Sure, the employees are jovial as the workspace is more personalised, but where is the personal space they need?

For that, you have modern office pods at your service. They would provide a fresh take on your contemporary furnishings and a space for any user who wishes to be left alone (which happens more often than you might think).


Availability Status

When meeting rooms in an office building are occupied, where would a team meet together for a group task they are working on?

Here, too, a modern office pod can come to help, such as the likes of On The QT Phone Booth. No rescheduling or interrupting an equally if not more important gathering that is taking place in the meeting room of the open-plan office.


You’re On Your Own

That’s right; if it is not a meeting that needs to be held in the modern office pod, it’s just one person in the pod. Offices with open planning are meant to maximise collaboration. However, it can be a tussle to get a job done when all the employee needs are some quiet time, and one cubicle neighbour keeps nagging them about something entirely irrelevant.

The modern office pod; has still air and no paperwork clutter — it’s an oasis amid pure chaos. Your employee can finally work on the task they were supposed to get going on ages ago.


Key Takeaway For Office Design!

There is no doubt that you put thought into your current office design. Considering its entirety is based on open planning, a modern office pod would fit ideally as the final piece of the puzzle.

Investing in the room-in-room solution for your employees will give them the right impression; that you care for them. Explore the modern office pods at Après Furniture so your employees can consistently achieve the peace they seek.

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