Why Storage Facilities Should Be Priority For Your Employees

A new study of office workers from Free Office Finder has shown that on-site facilities are the biggest attraction for businesses choosing work spaces.

Perks, such as gym and recreation areas, meeting rooms, changing rooms and staff lockers, were the top draw for 28% of participants – beating out proximity to public transport (24%) and overall costs (20%).

The results underline the importance of providing staff with an enjoyable space to work in. And, as study after study demonstrates, the happiest workers are often the most productive.


What facilities do employees want?

For employees, facilities such as canteens provide opportunities to de-stress and unwind throughout an otherwise hectic day.

Creating new spaces like these isn’t as easy in existing spaces or for companies with tighter budgets. However, it’s possible for anyone to nurture a working environment that’s both healthy and stable through measures such as improving temperature control, cleaning standards and acoustics.

Of course, your staff need to feel safe, too. Staff lockers are a great way of achieving this: providing a safe, secure storage place in the office.

A range of styles are available which can be customised to meet your needs. Alongside combination lock and key options, lockers can be protected by RFID-card access.

To help employers get the most from their staff’s personal storage facility, the latest generation of staff lockers offers features such as post slots, name plates, locker numbers and even in-locker charging facilities.

With so much choice available, we’ve pulled together a list of the best staff lockers: whether you’re looking to increase personal security, safeguard sensitive documents or simply optimise your working environment.

The five best staff lockers we recommend

Electrical Personal Lockers

Supplier: Maine Storage

With charging points stored within, these staff lockers allow your employees to keep laptops and work phones charging safely and securely – even when they step out for a meeting or lunch.

Smart Locker Storage

Designer: KI Storage

This innovative personal storage solution fits perfectly and securely inside a standard 305mm high drawer and stays securely fixed inside of it – with no need to lock the drawer as well.

HotLocker Personal Storage 

Designer: Spacestor

The perfect choice for hot desking, HotLocker Personal Storage is our flexible range of staff lockers for office workers. Units can be customised to meet your needs. For example, you may choose freestanding or fitted modules. A range of compartment sizes, locks and colours are available too.

Kontrax Lockers

Designer: Silverline

These versatile staff lockers are effective in a range of environments, including industrial, leisure, public and commercial. Flexible-by-design, they are available in a choice of two depths, three types of lock, seven compartment layouts and solid or security-enhanced vision panels.

Freedom H:D Pillar Box Lockers

Designer: Silverline

Where a high-level of security is required for important, confidential documents, as well as personal belongings, in the workplace, there’s the H:D Pillar Box Locker. Featuring pillar box handles as standard, filing rails allow for easy filing (left to right and back to front). Importantly, compartments are individually lockable – making it an effective personal storage solution for hot desking environments.