Why Must You Invest In A Chic Reception Armchair?

First impressions weigh a lot in an organisation’s functionality. Clients and visitors are more likely to be wooed by chic reception furniture than one without. Replacing furnishings that are raggedy and lack taste with elegant and fashionably stylish ones would significantly impact an individual’s impression of your office space.

Office furniture mirrors the organisation’s values and helps set up the reception area for optimal aesthetics. Too much of anything is never good, so furniture should be considered as puzzle pieces. Once you have considered your options for a particular design, the furniture you would buy has to fit the profile. Mismatched tables and chairs are a no-go.


Once you have chosen a tasteful reception desk and are done with the table-selection as well, next up is a chic reception armchair. Perhaps you are wondering if an armchair is appropriate for your chic aesthetics, or searching for options and are baffled by the variety available.

Continue to read this post to work out your dilemma of why you should be investing in a chic reception armchair for your reception or waiting area.



When buying armchairs, comfort and appearance are vital aspects to consider. If you have the option available, sit down in the chair to see how comfortable it is and if it’s the right choice. For your reception area, you must always prioritise comfort because if your visitors have to wait for long, things can get irritating real fast.

At Après, you would find that the Orbis armchair offers the chic outlook and the comfort factor. Orbis Armchairs are the perfect seating solution for a modern office setting thanks to their clean, straight lines and slightly angled backrest. With a sturdy wood and plywood structure, belts, and flame-resistant polyurethane foam coated in fibre wadding, the Orbis armchair has been praised and picked by many before you.



For leisure areas in receptions, lobbies, and workplaces, chic armchairs have become the answer. When compared to regular seats, it features a distinctive low-seated design, reclining shells, and incredibly comfy foams that help the visitor remain comfortable when seated or waiting. For spaces that need to be kept tidy and organised, chic seating is installed on a swivel base with an auto-return mechanism.

There are several choices at Après for a stylish armchair, and we would recommend to you our favourite: Mae Armchairs.

Mae Armchairs are an exquisite alternative with a nod to vintage retro that is perfect for workplace reception spaces, open-plan office settings, and small waiting rooms.


Key Takeaway For Reception Armchair!

It is essential to consider the comfort of your employees and visitors who visit the reception area regularly. Chic armchairs placed there would be a great combination offering both comfort and style. At Après Furniture, we value your ambitions for great impressions; our reception armchairs will not fail to satisfy you.