Why Mothering Booths Should Be Provided By Employers

According to the ONS (office of national statistics) around three-quarters of mothers return to work after having children. If one of your employees is a new mum, the chances are she will have taken a lengthy maternity leave where she has spent virtually every waking moment with her new baby. Many new mums find it incredibly difficult to return to work. For the first time, they will be spending long periods of time apart from their babies, returning to full-time work with new pressures and challenges; the whole process can entail a real sense of dread and anxiety.

This issue is rarely addressed by modern businesses. They may offer a staggered return to help employees, and even counselling to help with the emotional side of being apart from their babies. But new mums have other needs that can be catered for by a forward-thinking business. For instance, expressing breast milk with a breast pump is an important thing for breastfeeding mums to do when they are apart from their baby, and they need a safe, private space to do this.

Spacio Mini Pods make great mothering booths

Your meeting room furniture could include some Spacio Mini Pods to help address this issue. They can offer a private, comfortable space where new mothers can go to express their breast milk without worrying that their co-workers might see or overhear them, taking away some of the anxiety and showing that their employer is concerned about their specific needs.

Of course, space in the office sometimes comes at a premium. It can be difficult to set aside a room or even a section of the office for this purpose. This is why Spacio Mini Pods make the ideal dedicated mothering booth; they are compact yet comfortable for the user and fit easily into the office design. There is even an option to add a frosted glass door to add that extra level of privacy, with optional light indicators to show when a booth is in use. New mums will have the privacy to express milk whilst still taking phone calls or working on a mobile device/laptop.


Assist new mums with your office design

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