Why Mini Work Pods Benefit Your Open Office

Many professional workspaces now include hot desking and open office solutions for individuals and small companies. But our mini work pods can provide a number of benefits to your open office business, including:

1. Higher profits

Renting out these private work pods on a long or short term basis gives you the option to charge more than a regular desk or office meeting room. The luxury of a designer private workspace is a great benefit to bring more regular clients to your business too.

2. Happier customers

Open offices and hot desking can mean a lack of privacy for clients, but private work pods are a great solution. Clients will love the option to take private phone calls or meetings in these pods, meaning they can concentrate on their project.

3. Increased productivity

Using these pods on just a short-term basis can result in boosted productivity for everyone who uses your open office. Having a private, dedicated space means no more distractions and a quiet space to concentrate! Plus they can double up as a small office meeting room pod for two people to work on a project and get creative.

Some pods can even be linked and panels moved to create a larger office meeting space, which is ideal for group work and creating a private space to be creative and develop new ideas. It also means that dedicated meeting rooms aren’t needed with these customisable pods.

4. Stylish and affordable design

All our work pods can be customised with furniture and materials to suit your brand. This is ideal if your open office is looking for a new look or you have specific branding or style to stay in line with.

5. Easy to install

A quick and simple installation means the majority of the work space you rely on won’t be out of business. Pods can be easily installed with sound proofing and telecommunication lines into dead or awkward spacing to make the most of your open office.

6. Save money with environmentally-friendly features

Many work spaces come with sensors that light and ventilate the pod only when it’s in use. This means you’ll save on your energy bills in the long run. It also makes it easier to indicate when a pod is occupied.

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