Why Is Your Workplace In Need Of Office Booths?

While open floor plan offices are a popular and convenient way to maximise the use of space fully, it is not completely enjoyed at all times. It is true that such workplaces encourage collaboration, teamwork, and increased productivity, but this might not always be the case.

Sometimes, privacy and a peaceful environment are a necessity. This is where office booths come into play.

They are perfect for open-plan workplaces that often require closed spaces for work. While maintaining the originality of a collaborative office, pods add a hint of privacy that some employees might need.

Here is why your office should have a meeting or work pods.


Added Versatility

Office booths are not standardised in shape and size, you can customise everything about them, including their colour. From single-person use to full-sized 4–5-person office booths, they are available in any way you want.

They are personalised to suit your organisational needs and can also be moved around, given the need of the hour. Even when you’re relocating, they can easily be reconfigured and moved with little disturbances around. The Campers Meeting Pod, for example, is perfect for confidential meetings or a space to work as a team without external disturbances.

This office booth can easily be manoeuvred around the space and set anywhere for added usage.


Added Privacy

Ever wanted to make a private phone call and felt uncomfortable doing it in front of your colleagues? It could be sensitive client information or a personal call that cannot be done openly. Well, having a phone booth in the office can help with this.

They have a sound acoustic system to keep the disturbances at bay and create a warm and quiet space to make a call. The Hush Phone Booth is a perfect example of this. It is a comfortable zone ideal for phone or conference calls. This one, in particular, is easy to install, agile, has anti-viral nano-coating, is compact, and has motion-censored ventilation.

It can be placed around in an open office for added privacy. You can also move it around whenever you feel the need to change the layout.


Serves The Looks

All its productivity aside, office booths just simply look cool. The aura of a small cube with elegant interior design in the workplace adds to the aesthetics. They are eye-catching pieces that are stylish while also offering full functionality.

Our Cell Pod Meeting Pod is here for it! This private and comfortable glass cube has architectural qualities that serve a regular workplace. With an excellent acoustic system, the Cell Pod looks classy and offers a separate workspace while staying one-on-one with the external environment.


Key Takeaway For Office Booths!

Modern workplaces are flexible and have all the elements that suit employee needs. At Apres Furniture, we have always been on top of all office requirements you might have. Reach out to us for a consultation and explore endless design possibilities for your office.