Why Is An Open Office Concept Considered More ‘Productive’?

A common approach many businesses take to office design now is an open plan one. This is quite a departure from traditional office layouts which housed employees in separate cubicles or small private office spaces. With an open plan design, physical walls are removed to help bring staff closer together. Since first being introduced it has caught on across many sectors who value the increased productivity this way of working can deliver. But why are open offices generally considered more productive?

Encourage greater interaction

Helping staff to produce more is often about helping them interact with colleagues better. Traditional office layouts were poor in this regard with workers physically shut off from one another. With an open plan office, staff can talk more easily to the person they need to and interact more efficiently from their executive office chairs. Overall, this will help them get more done and have more access to any information they need.

Collaboration is also given a boost

As well as general interaction between staff as they go about their work, open plan spaces are superb for fostering greater collaboration. With physical boundaries removed, it is much easier to see which people are at their office desks to help with a project and then talk to them. This also saves a lot of time on missed phone calls and typing out emails when you are trying to contact someone to work on an idea.

Helps to build a real team spirit

Employees will simply produce more if they feel part of a happy, unified team. Traditional spaces make this hard to achieve with everyone shut away from each other. An open plan layout will help to build a strong team and culture by enabling people to really get to know one another. By crossing paths and chatting each day, they will not only feel motivated to produce more for the team but also have a greater network of internal contacts to help solve problems.

Make the most of your open plan office

As you can see, there are a few great reasons to choose this type of office design. When you have, it is key to make the most of it in order to help your staff produce their best. Modern office furniture is a must-buy and something that will make your staff comfortable enough to fulfil their potential. Here at Apres Furniture, we can help advise on the best office furniture for your space and also provide it. Get in touch today for more details.