Why Have An Office Phone Booth?

We’ve seen it in so many Hollywood movies the stereotypical office worker slaving away at a desk in a cubicle, in a drab-looking office somewhere, and counting down the minutes until it’s time to go home. That’s just Hollywood, though. Out here in the real world, lots of offices are well-lit and open plan, encouraging employees to communicate more with each other, engage with each other and, generally, are promoting a greater sense of unity between teams. Open plan offices may be fashionable and foster a spirit of camaraderie, but they still need to have a quiet place where employees can make a phone call. Here’s why every office should have an office phone booth:

Office phone booths cut out background noise

The explosion of the internet and the rapid advances in technology make it easier than ever to hold video conferences or phone someone from thousands of miles away. This is a necessity of many people’s jobs and if everyone in the office was to do it at once, no one would hear anyone or get anything done. In a nutshell, it would be pandemonium and also incredibly stressful, especially if you were trying to negotiate a business deal or conduct a business transaction. Being able to retreat into a phone booth allows you to make the call without any distractions and, at the same time, without disturbing any of the other workers.

Office phone booth give employees privacy to talk

There are times when an employee may need to make a discreet phone call. It could be business or it could be personal and the phone booth will enable this. Phone booths add that extra layer of privacy an employee might need when calling. Not only this, but other employees may feel uncomfortable if they were to overhear your conversation accidentally.

Employees regain a sense of control

It’s a fact of life that you’re not always going to like all of your coworkers (and some of them might not like you), but unfortunately, you have to share the office with them whether you like it or not. When that’s the case, the open plan layout of the office can make you feel uncomfortable. Being able to step into an office booth is like having access to a little oasis of calm in the office. They give you that slight sense of still having a little control rather than being at the mercy of everything that goes on around you in the office.

Open plan offices are fabulous for increasing cooperation and camaraderie between workers, but, ultimately, it’s good to have soundproofed features and areas that offer seclusion for them to still be productive when the circumstances may work against this. These are just some of the terrific items of commercial furniture you can buy from us for your office space. Browse our selection of acoustic furniture to see more.