Why Does The Right Office Furniture Design Matter?

Putting little to no thought into your office environment is a mistake you do not want to make in this day and age. As much as employees enjoy the pay and the perks, workplace culture has proven to show an equal impact on their motivation, productivity, and well-being.

Office furniture is one major component of the workplace. It must be appropriate to serve the user so that they can work without any hindrance as well.

Find out why investing in the right office furniture design is necessary and why you must choose Apres Furniture.


Maximize Employee Potential

Employees enjoy working in disturbance-free environments with comfort where they can maximize their potential. In a scenario otherwise, with the never-ending chaos, nothing is achieved, and the person feels burnt out on top of it all.

One way of tackling this is by giving your employees the right chairs. Our Why Task Chair can be a good fit in your office. Its ergonomic design and honeycomb mesh back provides excellent lumbar support and all-day comfort. Additionally, this chair is also environmentally friendly.



A modern workplace has furniture that is versatile yet stylish. Incorporating furniture that suits just one purpose is a waste of potential that other pieces could offer. Simultaneously, it is also not space friendly, given you have to purchase separate units to accommodate one task.

Our Human Space Cube Pods are a prime example of how office furniture should be adaptable. It can be used as an individual room assigned to one employer as their cubicle or as a collaborative space.

The Human Space Cube Pod, in particular, has a room-within-a-room that adds to its functionality. It has incredible acoustics and the perfect lighting and ventilation system. You can customize the fabric from the 24 available colour options. This will fit right into your office aesthetic.


Manage Available Space

While a piece of furniture can be stylish and durable, it does not always have all the features of a unit that an office requires. Storage is one of the leading issues in any workplace. With countless files and even more papers, organizing them and finding the right place and way to store them remains challenging.

Check out our LateralFile Lodge Lockers for this. You can add as many lockers to this unit as you need, giving a more secure space to your employees for storing files. It has lockable doors and can be customized with power outlets for charging devices when placed inside the lockers.

This one is an attractive piece that will instantly uplift your shared workspace without making it feel cluttered.


Key Takeaway For Office Furniture Design!

At Apres Furniture, you are covered. From the right office furniture to its customization to fit your aesthetic, we are on top of it all. We value employee well-being while also providing you with options that target style and versatility. Reach out to us and consult our design experts to add to your workplace.