Why Choose Bespoke Office Furniture?

You’ve found the perfect new office space for your business, and now you just need to fit it out with luxury furniture and other fixtures so that your team can settle in. While it might seem easy to simply pick up some generic flat pack desks and bookshelves, there are several reasons why you should consider opting for bespoke office furniture.

1. Reflect your business’ ‘style’ and add personality to your office

Creating a workspace that feels energising and exciting is fundamental to team morale and wellbeing – your employees will be spending an estimated 1,795 hours a year at work, so it’s important to get the environment right.

While ‘off the shelf’ office furniture may give you limited scope for personalisation, bespoke office furniture allows you much greater flexibility to create pieces that feel unique and inspired. Capture your brand’s culture and reflect the personality of your team with a huge range of colours, styles and other finishing touches.

For example, our custom made libraries make a great statement piece that adds real character to any space. Choose our Classic Library for a traditional, elegant look, or go for something contemporary and sleek with our Super Quantum Library.

2. Make the most of your space with unique storage solutions

If your office is a little tight on space or is set in an unusually shaped building, getting generic flat pack furniture that fits and is practical can be tricky. This is where bespoke office furniture truly shines, as it can be made to measure to fit even the oddest nooks and crannies.

Bespoke services also give you the option to add extra features to items so they can double up in purpose or meet a specific purpose for your business, eliminating the need for extra pieces of furniture.

Our custom made credenzas can be made to fit any space, plus they’re really flexible as a storage solution. Add cable management accessories, ventilations and adjustable shelves to neatly store away AV and other IT equipment for a tidy boardroom, or integrated refrigeration to create a stylish drinks station for meeting rooms.

3. Create spaces that work for individuals

It’s not just room size and other practical considerations that come into planning your office furniture choices. Selecting bespoke office furniture allows you to make workspaces to suit specific individuals or job titles.

Add as much storage as you need, or opt for shelving and display units for all those precious awards, photographs and other personal items. Spending a lot of time heading out to meetings and networking events? Coat cupboards and wardrobe units let you keep a spare change of clothes at hand – anything is possible.

Custom made workwall desks offer all this flexibility and more, with a huge range of configurations available for any office space or custom made desks which can act as a statement piece for directors and senior members of staff.

4. No time spent building furniture

Most importantly, choosing bespoke office furniture means you’ll also benefit from an end-to-end service that means you don’t need to spend hours assembling flat packs, or paying someone else to come in and disturb the office with hammering and drilling.