Why Are Modern Reception Desks A Must-Have?

The moment an oblivious visitor enters the premises of a business, they search for the reception desk to guide them. Sometimes they would take a quick swipe of the room, and the most prominent desk would confirm what they were looking for.

Sleek, modern desks especially make that easier for strangers in the buildings, whether they are of wood or glass, plain or tinted. But there is more to it than just impressions and statuses.

Read along this post to figure out why modern reception desks are a must-have, and some sprinkled suggestions that you can find at Après Furniture.


All About Business

Following a consistent aesthetic standard while designing your office is a pretty well-known fact. Each should have a complementary vibe. By making visitors feel more welcome, businesses hope to impress them. Understanding the company culture is important for understanding how to make an impression.

There are several methods for determining what hue or piece of wall art best suits your company’s culture. This is frequently disregarded. Your reception area and furniture choices speak for themselves. The graphics and décor you select have a big impact on how people see you. Never forget that early impressions matter the most!

High-quality counters from the Counter Classic Line Reception Desks are made to satisfy the demands of the modern workplace. As with designing for an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming atmosphere, all requirements are considered during the design process.

Steel sheeting measuring 1.3 mm thick is used to build these sturdy frames. The same acrylics are used in the auto industry for the paint. This makes it possible for you to choose from a large selection of colours and gives the surface a high sheen, while also making it durable and simple to maintain.

Counter Classic is the way to go and is appropriate for your workplace, your service, and also for your commercial space.


Motivating Others Around

An excellent, professional greeting area can improve staff morale and spur them to work harder. By creating a feeling of identity, it channels their energy. This serves to remind the staff that they are a vital and substantial part of something. The receptionist requires room to work, which is the other element. Your office needs to be a place that promotes corporate culture.

Apres Furniture’s selection of reception furniture now includes the Crescent Reception Desks. The Crescent reception desk is built from modular pieces and has a unique asymmetric design. This desk has a countertop that tapers from 800mm to 240mm. The counter’s distinctive design and tiny footprint allow it to fit into corners and other small spaces. It is perfect for wheelchair users as well, thanks to the recessed base and overhanging countertop.

Crescent furniture mixes desk frontages in either white laminate or various coloured laminates with wood veneer finishes. The desk front can also be completed with a quarter-cut wood laminate to match the wood veneer top.


Key Takeaway For Modern Reception Desks!

A lot of thought must go into the kind of reception desk you must have, because it is the first thing your would-be customer sees, and initial impressions matter a lot. You can browse our collection at Après Furniture to find more contemporary desks that enhance your workspace vibes.