Why A Privacy Desk Is Essential For Work

When GDPR came into effect, many people assumed that it just affected digital data held by businesses. However, there have been many aspects of how we work, store and use data in the business that have been impacted. One of these is how data is kept on our desk.

Those who work in a very active office with a lot of foot traffic should realise there is a considerable amount of risk when it comes to data being stolen from the desk. Not everyone in the organisation should have access to all the information. All information should be kept to a need to know basis.

Data is easy to keep when not in use

When data is not in use it is fairly easy to keep secure. All you really need is a storage unit, like a secure cupboard or filer. These can sometimes be locked and they are hard to access without someone noticing.

However, many workers keep data on their desk. This is the most insecure position for data. Anyone, from someone working across the desk to a visitor walking past can get access to information and that can constitute a breach in data protection.

That is why businesses need to consider having employees use a privacy desk . These are desks that have noticeable barriers that make it harder for the average person to see what is on the desk. This can stop prying eyes from seeing data they aren’t supposed to.

What makes a great privacy desk?

There isn’t one thing that makes a desk a privacy desk. It does depend on the scenario. For instance, reception desks need to have privacy features installed so two or three people working behind reception can see all the information available but keep guests from seeing anything. Whereas some office workers might need to have complete privacy where no-one can see what they’re working on but them.

However, a great privacy desk does have some kind of barrier that prevents eyes from seeing what is on the desk, the direction of most concern. At the same time, there should be working space where equipment and current documents can be saved.

Don’t rely on a privacy desk

Of course, you shouldn’t rely on a privacy desk. Storage options should be employed so that data not in use is safely stored. In addition, desks should be kept clear from everything that is not in use. This way, your business can be protected from potential breaches in GDPR law and not be fined if data is taken by an unauthorised person.