Why A Modular Reception Desk Can Be A Game Changer

Modular office furniture combines the priorities of getting more for your money and still ending up with an aesthetically pleasing, functional work space. The reception area is one area where you need to make maximum use of the space and ensure your receptionists have everything they need to hand, and modular reception desks are a possibility that can really revolutionise the efficiency and effectiveness of your reception area.

What are modular desks?

Modular reception desks are becoming increasingly popular in modern office buildings. They offer versatility in a contemporary look that is inexpensive yet effective. They are desks that are made of various separate items that you choose, all of which fit together to create the ideal desk for your needs. Think work surfaces with additional storage that can be easily attached and detached as you please. You choose what goes together, and which items you don’t need.

Unrivaled flexibility

Modular reception desks are furniture solutions for the flexible work space, in the era of agile and lean working. Companies must do all they can to make full use of every square foot of floor space, and the reception area is no exception. The reception desk can be easily assembled when it is needed, and if the space is needed for another purpose you can simply disassemble it and move it out of the way. Time is money, and the ability to change the layout of your reception at a moment’s notice can be really helpful.

Adaptable and changeable spaces

Unlike many standard office pieces, modular furniture is designed to be light and easy to move. So if you want to rearrange your office or move to a new location, it will be straightforward to dismantle and reassemble in a new place. It also tends to come in a wide range of colours to ensure you can make it work seamlessly with your interior design.

Ideal for smaller offices

Many companies are making moves to downsize their work environments in order to optimise costs and usage of space, and modular reception desks are perfect for this. They have a smaller footprint than conventional, made-to-order pieces, and can be customised to include everything you need without taking up more space. In a compact work environment, modular furniture lets you make the best use of the space available. And with a quality office furniture supplier, you will find a wide range of options to be able to create the reception desk that works for you.