Where are Indoor Office Pods Headed in the Next Five Years?

The pandemic has taught every business industry many lessons. When the fast-paced world was put on pause, everybody suffered a loss.

Prioritising human health safety protocols and social distancing became a priority, which appears to prevail as life continues today.

Five years ago, indoor office pods were seen by most as a mere centrepiece to the checkerboard of office planning. It was deemed unnecessary, and most organisations overlooked the vital features of indoor office pods. But now, everybody raves about how they have come in handy to soothe the post-pandemic paranoia instilled in everyone.

In the contemporary approach to running commercial offices, indoor office pods have become stepping stones for the next five years of an organisation’s floor planning. In light of the events of the accursed pandemic, let us explore what indoor office pods hold for us in the future.


Blending In

The indoor office pod gives a private section where employees can work in peace or gather a team to tackle a task without a peep from an outsider. No distractions, just the relevant people getting their job done with nothing present to break their concentration. The inside of the indoor office pod, thus, serves us well. What about the outside?

Modern indoor office pods are becoming more and more aesthetically pleasing, similar to that of Max Calma S phone booths. With the soundproof and comfort zone factor, blending the pod with contemporary office planning gives fantastic results.

A dull-looking pod of yesterday in a vibrant environment would look out of place, even awkward. The visitors or customers would notice this, and since businesses are all about impressions, this one will not look so good.



Moving an entire pod and placing it elsewhere is a tedious job, but you have nothing to fear anymore, for this generation of indoor office pods and more to come have the distinct feature of easy relocation. Moving and relocating is a breeze.

To see for yourself, here are some of our best mobile indoor office pods.


Just For Fun

Traditionally, employers would frown at the thought of introducing having fun in the workplace. Rest assured, that does not have to be a hindrance to the job at hand.

Enter break room office pods. What if an employee needs a few minutes off to catch a break or brings out their PlayStation to finish some Clickers in The Last of Us?

It may seem surreal to those who always considered offices purely work-centric. However, the world after the pandemic has transitioned in a way where anything that makes people come together and enjoy themselves is highly appreciated. That is why the office break room pod is in the making for the next five years.


Key Takeaway For Indoor Office Pods!

Every invention ever created is in constant works of being upgraded and improved. Get yourself an indoor office pod so that your employees find solace in a room when they feel too overwhelmed. Stay updated with our new pods at Après Furniture, and you can also reach out to our team and explore what we have in store.