What Would the Corporate World Be Like If the Phone Booth Office Didn’t Exist?

An uncontrollable commotion ensues; that’s what a productive workplace with no phone booth office looks like. There is no place to work in silence and nowhere to seek some peace of mind.

But what if silence becomes a dire need? Like an important phone call from a client? One cannot settle for a quick dash to the outdoors to pick up the phone. Most times, that’s exactly how it happens when an organisation is not equipped with phone booth offices.

Head on and understand why your workplace needs phone booth offices and what the corporate world would be like without them.


A Decrease In Productivity

When it comes to getting the job done, the focus is a must-have, even if it is a simple task of decision-making over an essential phone call. Your employee’s attention, however, tends to get disrupted by excessive noise.

It is a fact when we say every office has a certain decibel they work at. The more intense the employees’ work ethic is, the more chaos ensues.

This leads to a productivity problem. What must be done when the phone rings, and there is nowhere to take the call? Plans are delayed, and meetings are pushed ahead. Ultimately, the absence of a phone booth office pod takes a great toll on the office output.

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An Invasion of Privacy

Employees generally tend to have a common pet peeve: other nosy employees. Especially for a sensitive phone call, the business has to remain strictly personal.

The constant anxiety of being overheard by a colleague is also disturbing when there’s a lack of a perfectly functioning phone booth office, such as the Kubus Phone Booth.

The corporate world is pretty hectic. One cannot have their way with certain things, like calming your employees down. You can give your employees control over their environment in the physical form of a phone booth office. The phone booth office you will get for your employee would be ideal for ensuring privacy.


The Distractions Maximised

After productivity takes a hit and phone calls out in the open become a liability to privacy, distractions increase ten folds. Deadlines are also postponed, and no one would like that.

This can lead to a tense and hectic working environment because responsibilities pile up. It truly becomes a vicious cycle that you or your employees do not want to fall into. Trusting a phone booth office for video or audio meetings is the way to go about it.


Key Takeaway For Phone Booth Office!

It appears that phone booth offices are indeed an important detail to add to your workplace. You would gain your employee’s respect when they realise how understanding you are of their needs for productivity, privacy, and quiet after getting a phone booth office.

Our team at Après Furniture will guide you through the buying process for phone booth offices.