What Is The Best Way To Make My Office Staff Healthy And Fit?

Modern office jobs can be damaging to employee health if action isn’t taken to keep staff fit and healthy. Too many roles require staff to be sedentary for long periods of time, with little incentive to get up and move around and a distinct lack of healthy food provided or encouraged. Poor employee health is bad for the organisation, as individuals are likely to be less productive than they could, and even suffer more bouts of ill health that keeps them off work. Here are some tips to keep your employees fit and well.

Try a sit-stand desk

The negative health effects associated with sitting all day can be addressed with sit-stand desks. There are various options available for this. The high tech Mito Executive Sit-Stand Desk is height adjustable and can be changed from a sitting desk to a standing one at the push of a button. For a more low-tech solution, these Work2 Sit-Stand Desks cover your bases. And with both heights readily available, employees are more likely to be reminded to make the switch regularly.

Standing will help stretch out your limbs and straighten your spine, as well as raise your heart rate a little to stave off the problems associated with being sedentary for long periods.

Ergonomic seating solutions

Another great measure to tackle the problems of sitting for long periods is to invest in quality ergonomic chairs that promote good posture. There are various options using different levels of technology and coming in at vastly different prices. The Life Office Chair is an award-winning solution with superb ergonomic features and green credentials. When your employees simply have no option but to work from a seated position all day, an ergonomic chair can help prevent the development of lower back injuries and keep everyone comfortable and cool while they work.

Provide quiet spaces

 An often-overlooked element of employee health is mental wellbeing. When stress levels are high at work, employee productivity can suffer, and the likelihood of stress- or anxiety-related issues developing increases dramatically. Not to mention that stressed employees are more likely to lose sleep and indulge in comfort eating that can affect their physical health. One way to help reduce stress is to provide quiet zones like the Hana Acoustic Phone Booth. In a demanding, buzzing office environment, employees will be glad to have a space they can retreat to as an escape from the stresses of their hard work. Don’t neglect the mental health of your employees – it is an important factor of overall wellbeing.

At Aprés Furniture, we are keenly aware of the importance of employee wellbeing in any office workplace. This is why we supply a wide range of office furnishing solutions that address the many potential problems that can arise with regards to the health and fitness of staff. The suggestions in this article are just the tip of the iceberg; contact us on 020 7721 7914 to discuss your needs and get some more suggestions for office furniture that can keep your staff healthy and fit.