What Does Your Reception Furniture Say About Your Company?

First impressions count. That statement is never truer than in the cutthroat world of modern business, where second, third and recurring impressions matter a great deal too! It’s human nature to sum up people and situations in a matter of seconds. The brain is incredibly efficient at gathering information and creating instant judgements – from “friend or foe”, to why the heck is this business not looking after me properly?

Passive marketing and reception area errors

To “win friends and influence people”, companies of all sizes need to invest in their passive marketing and brand identity, and that includes getting reception and office furniture right! It’s not good business sense to invest in a fabulous website, slick adverts and other marketing tools if visitors to your headquarters then get a very different message when they call in to see you. In fact, successful passive marketing – and building your reputation as a forward-thinking and reliable company – starts even before they step through the door. For example, a poorly surfaced or rubbish-filled car park, inadequate signage to your building or confusion over which door to come through has already given a bad first impression! If your visitors then progress to a bland or starkly furnished reception area – or worse have to stand leaning against a wall waiting to be admitted – it won’t do much for your image as a caring and well-organised enterprise! Some businesses fail to appreciate the importance of a reception altogether. Visitors step straight into a busy office and have to perch on a computer chair waiting to be seen, or they’re forced to linger “unloved” in a corridor.

The basics of reception etiquette

Once inside your premises, the reception area should be the starting point of a positive experience for visitors; showing your company is efficient, effective and approachable. A cheery welcome and some carefully selected reception furniture can ensure visitors start their interaction with a “warm” impression of your business. Not all companies can afford to employ full-time receptionists of course. However, there are some great reception desk options that double as workstations. A productive and well-supported member of staff can be strategically placed to greet people on entry and look after them until their meeting starts. It’s good business practice to provide modern, well-designed reception chairs. Having a strategically placed coffee table is a great touch too. If visitors are early or you are unavoidably delayed, reception staff can offer refreshment, and you can also have leaflets and magazines for visitors to read. There is a wide range of reception furniture including contemporary seating to suit every size of foyer, interior design and budget in our range.

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