What Are The Benefits Of A Cellular Office?

Research suggests that happy employees are more productive at work; improving your worker’s wellbeing might begin with the layout of your office design. For so long, open plan office designs dominated the workplace under the assumption that this would breed a great work ethic in employees, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The benefits of having a cellular office plan are innumerable and can really transform the success of your business.

1. Personalised cellular office

According to a survey by the British council for offices, 97% of office workers felt that the design of an office was important for their work productivity levels and saw it has a reflection of whether or not they are valued by their employer. Decoration and an aesthetically pleasing workplace can drastically improve a worker’s mood and there is a greater opportunity for decoration with a cellular office design. Meeting pods can be seen as a safe sanctuary and contain luxury furniture that your workers will be thrilled to use. Plush computer chairs and upmarket executive desks will make an employee feel special and appreciated whenever they use the cellular office.

2. Noise reduction

There’s a reason why all important examinations are taken in silence, as noise can negatively impact concentration levels, leaving workers unable to do their best work. A workplace acoustics study found that noise negatively impacts more than 69% of employees across the world, decreasing their concentration levels as well as creative ability. However, all hope is not lost as a cellular office design can be the solution your business has been looking for. Cubicles are a great way to reduce office noise and escaping into a cellular office will allow workers to focus on their important work project and reach all of their deadlines.

3. A great space for team and solo work

No matter which industry you’re part of, teamwork is just as important as solo work when it comes to running a successful business. Office phone booths are great for both types of work; smaller spaces are ideal for solo workers trying to get ahead on their workload, while larger meeting pods are the perfect group space for brainstorming and concentrating on the task at hand. Despite popular belief, an open plan office design isn’t always the best when it comes to teamwork; a study found that face to face interaction actually decreased by almost 70% in an open plan office when compared to an office with a cellular design.

4. They’re better for your health

Surprisingly, having some cubicles in an office has proven to be better for a worker’s health. According to a study, workers in an open plan office took more sick days compared to those who worked in an office with cubicles. Work pods allow workers to isolate themselves from their co-workers, preventing the spread of a cold or flu virus. While open plan offices might be initially cheaper, cellular offices are more cost-effective in the long run and they’re also more beneficial for a worker’s physical health.