Wall Mounted Office Storage Can Give You Peace Of Mind

Planning your office space is much like designing the interior of a residential property – you want to make the most of every single inch. Whether you’re a large organisation with plenty of room, or a smaller business with the challenge of organising a tight space, wall mounted storage can offer plenty of benefits to the office manager.

We outline some reasons why wall mounted office storage can give you peace of mind.

Rummaging is wrong

If you’re wasting precious minutes of the business day rummaging round looking for documents or equipment, you are doing something wrong. This problem can often arise from the way things are stored; piling storage boxes on top of one another, or shoving documents into anonymous filing cabinets can lead to inconvenience, confusion and mistakes. Even if you are labeling things clearly, there is no guarantee you will be able to get to them in the first place. What wall mounted office storage offers is a way to see all your items, boxes and bundles easily, so that you aren’t left with the predicament of trying to find a ‘needle in a haystack’.

Completely customisable

Rather than a room or corner which requires you to squeeze in office items like a jigsaw puzzle, the beauty of wall mounted storage is that it is completely customisable according to the dimensions of your space. That means you can design it to maximise the potential storage space of your office, allowing you to ensure that every free area is used. The sizing, functionality and materials are all down to you.

Aesthetically pleasing

With wall mounted storage, you can wave goodbye to those unsightly areas of the office where your items are piling up. Aside from being inconvenient for your employees, these kind of storage arrangements are not a good idea if your company welcomes visitors – such as potential and existing clients, suppliers or guests – on a regular basis. Remember how powerful office design can be in contributing to first impressions!

Keep your floor space clear

If you’re using floor space for storage, you might be missing a trick. That’s because instead of piling up items on the floor or under your executive desk, you can keep them on wall mounted storage such as purpose built shelving. It is a simple solution which can make all the difference. Why fill your office floor with items which can restrict movement and present obstacles? Wall mounted storage allows you to utilise space which would not be used otherwise, freeing up much needed space on the office floor.

As you can see from the points above – for organisation, logistics and freedom of movement – few office solutions can match wall mounted storage. Remember, installations such as shelving can be designed to fit specific parts of your office, so there are no restrictions on how large or small wall mounted storage is. Simply identify the most convenient walls, and let us design your ideal shelving plan.