VIA57™ Easy Chair by Bjarke Ingels


What with the recent opening of the LEGO house (check out the video below, it’s well worth a watch!) and a proposed Mars-simulation settlement in the pipeworks for Dubai, the star that is Bjarke Ingels keeps on rising. But architecture and extraterrestrial inhabitation are not the only things occupying the thoughts and time of this Dane. He also dabbles in furniture design and the VIA57 Easy Chair is no less stellar than what one would expect from this supernova.

VIA57™ Easy Chair designed by Bjarke Ingels in collaboration with the design group KiBiSi, was based on the shape of his firm’s “courtscraper” in New York. The furniture piece rests on four splayed wooden legs and features a soft triangular-shaped, not-quite-90-degree seat, which extends into an upholstered back. You can immerse in its comforting, soft upholstery and its endless ways of styling–be it in a grand hall or an apartment living room.

The VIA57 Easy Chair can be used separately or placed alongside each other to create small sofas, and they come in a variety of colours including yellow, red, blue and grey.

via57 easy chair