Types Of Soundwave Acoustic Panels For Your Office

Information sharing and employee collaboration enhance productivity in any business. While open-plan offices often support collaborative working, there are times where employees are required to handle sensitive information and work alone. When independent working is required, acoustic executive furniture and sound-wave acoustic panels can help. Acoustic executive furniture can not only provide comfort but privacy to employees. Acoustic panels are dense and heavy, which enables them to absorb sound waves to reduce noise, clarify speech and limit sound reverberation within the office.

1. Fabric wrapped acoustic panels

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels are custom made to meet specific requirements depending on the organisation’s soundproofing needs. Some organisations may need to get rid of noise interference while others may need to have their boardroom speeches clearer. The fabric is wrapped on high-density glass fibre and is perfect for offices where privacy and speech fluency are vital.

2. Perforated acoustic wood panels

These panels are ideal for people who prioritise sustainability. They are available in various sizes, designs, and patterns. They are mounted on office walls and ceilings for good soundproofing.

3. Airflake acoustic panels

Airflake acoustic panels are made from moulded fibre and suspended on rails or mounted on walls to absorb sound and prevent echoes. The fibre is moulded in hexagon shapes and assembled to form a large panel.

4. Triline acoustic wall panels

Their design is in the form of rectangular modules that absorb noise and diffuse soundwaves. The modules are fixed on an MDF board and covered with woolen fabric. The block modules are arranged in a triangular shape to break noise and sound waves.

5. Luna acoustic panels

The panels are ideal for low-frequency sound. They are heavy and are built or mounted onto a wall due to their weight. This makes them not only beneficial for soundproofing, but a stylish feature to add to your office.

6. BuzziBlox wall panels

The panels are designed to absorb sound at speech level at a workplace or office. They are designed to absorb sound and improve the audibility of speech.

Noise and lack of privacy can hinder productivity in the workplace. Similarly, it is important that any sound in an office only gets to the person it was intended. With soundwave acoustic panels, you do not need to worry about privacy when sharing information at the workplace. Soundwave acoustics panels will give you much-needed peace of mind as you focus on steering your organisation to the next level.