Trunk Whiteboards Are A Great Canvas For Ideas


Sure, some of us are lucky enough to be struck, as if by lightning, with fully formulated ideas that just about change the world as we know it. For the rest of us, there’s the old school method of exploring and extending ideas on whiteboards.

While Trunk Whiteboard fulfils the role of the traditional whiteboard, it comes with a few modern twists that will be unmissable in a modern office (or anywhere half decent ideas need to be generated!). The unit is a steel enamelled plate magnetic whiteboard that is mobile with acoustic absorbing qualities. On the reverse side of the unit is an upholstered memo board which can be used to pin notes.

Both practical and functional Trunk can also be used in the open office as a space divider between desks. The whiteboard unit can also be specified to have premium quality sound absorbing PET fibre fitted internally for better acoustic benefits. Large caster wheels with brakes ensure Trunk’s mobility and stability. A felt stationary pocket is also included which hangs on the side of the unit.

  Trunk Whiteboard