Top Tips For Choosing Desk Divider Panels For Your Office

The “cubicle” culture in an office often makes people feel isolated, even when working among big groups of colleagues. Small talk, while the kettle is boiling in the office kitchen, is the only chance they get to interact with others, aside from poking their heads over their cubicle walls to chat with their neighbours. But at the same time, working in a completely open-plan office can be distracting and affect workers’ productivity. The solution to both dilemmas? Desk dividers. A short panel in the middle of a block of desks delineates each employee’s work station from their neighbour’s, affording them a bit of privacy, while allowing them to see their colleagues over the top and converse whenever the desire for office chit chat hits.

Which colour desk divider should you choose?

A desk divider can be bright or soft, depending on your company’s work culture or the desired mindset of the office. Are you a cheery company that wants employees to have a great day? You may want a bright orange divider screen. Or are you a quieter company that would prefer muted colours, such as a gentle blue? Or maybe you just want the colours of your desk dividers to reflect your company branding. Whatever you choose, the screens set above a room full of desks will create an eye-catching vibe for an open-plan office that may have been all one colour, or brighten up a room that may have been depressing before. Your choice of colours among the repetitive blocks of desks and endless wall space can also visually break up the space. All of the above create a more pleasant environment for all employees.

What about the style?

When choosing divider panels for your office’s desks, you may be presented with any amount of styles. You can just run a panel down the middle of a block of desks so the work stations facing each other are partitioned, or you could choose to divide the entire block, so there is delineation between side-by-side neighbours as well. You can also choose different heights, depending on the level of privacy employees need versus their desire for workplace socialising. Once the panel is in place, employees can personalise their space by attaching photos and printouts to their own sections of the divider, or decorate them in some other way. People are happier and more productive in personalised space, and a pleasant environment throughout the office can create a positive place to work overall. To find out more about desk dividers for your office, contact the team at Apres Furniture today.