Tom Lounge Chairs Are Perfect For Your Waiting Room

Tom Lounge Chairs is a range of mid and high back lounge seating where the quality is reflected in the design and use of high-quality materials.

Public spaces like airport lounges, waiting rooms or hotel lobbies can be bleak, and more often than not, you find yourself there not because you want to be there but out of necessity. The furniture that adorns these public spaces, can, however, transform them into elegant spaces that invite visitors to stay a little longer and make themselves feel right at home.

Designed by Francés Rifé, a designer with a high reputation within contract and facilities market, Tom Lounge Seating’s style is notable for the minimalism of its forms and structures and for its lightness of line. Tom Lounge Chair is particularly suited towards public environments like hotel lobbies, restaurants and airport lounges, and will suit a range of aesthetic looks.

The Tom range includes comfortable seating solutions of high or low backed armchairs when, matched with the dining chairs, give an integrated image to the furnished space.

Tom Lounge Chairs Tom Lounge Chairs

Tom Lounge Chairs