Timeless Furniture Pieces For The Summer


With the British summer in full swing, the mercury is rising outside. But that, by no means, should be indicative of adopting hues of light blues and whites only when it comes to your interior designs and decoration. Warm colours and materials like wood, wool and leather are timeless, hard-wearing and long-lasting.

FK Lounge Chair 

This Scandinavian design by Fabricius and Kastholm exemplifies classic design history. Forty years after its première, FK is still unmistakable. Its incomparably minimalist style has been appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide for years which is why it has won countless awards since its debut in the sixties.

Grand Repos Chair

Created in by Vitra and designer Antonio Citterio, the Grand Repos introduces a new degree of seating comfort and flexibility to the home or office breakout interior: with their generous padding, inviting armrests and high backrest, these elegant swivel-based lounge chairs impart an image of supreme comfort. In a warm tone of light brown, these chairs invite users to sit down, get comfy and spend a while.

Vogue Executive Desk

A bright metal frame literally frames and accentuates the warmth of wood and leather used in Sinetica Vogue office desks. Leather and wood add an extra layer of luxury to these executive desks.

Parq Life Coffee Table

Combining the traditional herringbone pattern of parquet flooring with contemporary curves, Parq Life Furniture, designed by rising British star Lee Broom, transforms a time-old technique into an impressive modern collection. Using American Walnut Veneer and Polished Brass, the coffee table becomes a focal point in any room.

Custom Marquetry Tables

To add some je ne sais quoi to any boardroom, our Bespoke Boardroom Marquetry Tables are carefully developed from the art of inlaying wooden veneer to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures. Offering mixed or singular wood veneer options, we can offer you made to measure shapes, sizes and patterns. These bespoke wooden tables can be fitted with all the mod cons expected as standard in modern office furniture.

Polder Sofa XL

Designed by Hella Jongerius, this sofa takes inspiration from the reclaimed land in Holland. The body of the Polder Sofa XL is just as low-lying and just as flat as the country from which it draws inspiration. The design has just as much emphasis on the horizontal as the vertical, and when presented in warm colours, it becomes a statement piece in any lounge or reception room.

Abacus Executive Bookcase

Sinetica Abacus Bookcase with a fixed module is available in two sizes. The system consists of side panels, cover, shelves, partition panels, back and sliding panels, and is available in custom colours to provide an elegant and minimal aesthetic. The beautiful finishes available include cooked oak veneer with gloss and matt lacquering (16 colours available) and an innovative dark walnut melamine surface.

Elisse Tables

Using warm natural materials like wood and stone for the tops, these elliptical tables become sleek when paired with curved metal bases. The design of the table top in Emperador marble or walnut ensures a warm welcoming effect.

PK20™ Lounge Chair

The original idea for the chair’s seat was to use the excess leather strips from the production of other leather furniture to optimize production. But the idea was rejected because the leather strips were too different, and currently only the finest hand-selected leather strips are used. The PK20 Lounge Chair version with a low back is part of the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.