Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Reception Counter


What does your reception desk say about you?

It’s the first thing your client or associate will see when stepping into the office, so it’s important to give it some thought. Is your business a quirky design agency, a financial services company, or healthcare practice? Each industry will have it’s own unique look and feel, and this should be reflected in the reception area of your office. Below we’ve listed the three most important things to consider when choosing a reception counter for your business.

The ‘wow’ factor

If you’re in the business of impressing clients, your lobby or reception area need to have an impact. Create a memorable experience by thinking carefully about the aesthetics of the space – what message do you want to send out to visitors? Think about the heritage of your brand or business – a company that has been around for decades may want a more sophisticated feel compared to a tech start-up. First impressions mean everything, and you’ll want to put your guests at ease, so create a space that feels both inviting and professional. The layout of your reception area will speaks volumes, so make sure it puts your business in a good light. For modern businesses, we recommend a bespoke reception counter with a twist – why not try a modern and industrial feel by choosing concrete as a base material for the perfect concrete reception desk? The Kin reception desk range offers an all-white finish with backlit frosted glass for a truly unique first impression. For more established, professional organisations, a wood veneer may be a better choice, such as the Evolution or Premia ranges.


Your reception counter isn’t all about looks – it’s doing an important job for both your employees and visitors to your company. As guests will likely be spending a short amount of time in your lobby area, make sure there is clear signage and seating available so they’re able to get comfortable. For larger organisations, ensure that the reception counter is big enough for more than one guest at a time, and that there is space either side for colleagues to properly deal with your visitors’ requests. Will your visitor need to complete some paperwork before entering the building? There’ll need to be space for that too. Try Apres Furniture’s Evolution collection of bespoke reception counters – these premium desks are crafted using real wood veneer and are large enough for several visitors to check in at once. If you’re choosing a bespoke reception counter, think about branding – can you include a logo or some creative to enhance the look of the space?


While you want your reception to look the part, it’s important that both the space and furniture invite interaction and engagement too. Can you enhance the reception with digital signage? Is there space for a screen to display key content to welcome your guests, or display useful information? When choosing a reception desk, think about the types of visitors you often welcome and choose a desk that not only looks stylish but encourages interaction between your guests and your colleagues, too.

Not sure which reception counter to choose?

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