Three Meeting Room Options For Your Office

Open plan offices are great for interaction and collaboration, but what happens when you need to have a private discussion? Privacy can be important in many situations, not only for meetings but also for sensitive work, or just to get a bit of space when working on something that requires a lot of concentration.

Have you considered an innovative office booth? Here at Apres Furniture, we are dedicated to making each office a functional, versatile and also happy environment for all concerned. Below we explore 3 meeting room options you may have not thought possible for your office!

1. Choose a small space specific to your needs

When we think of “meeting rooms” we often think of a large room with a big table in the centre but the beauty of our offering is that we can provide solutions for both large and small meeting rooms. You may only need individual phone booths so that your team members can make calls without noise or distraction from colleagues, or perhaps a mini pod to suit one or two people to provide a little privacy.

2. Choose an open, light space

There are few things more depressing than spending an entire working day under fluorescent lights, especially in the winter months. If you need your team to work together, that doesn’t have to mean regulating them to a confined, dark space. A Spacio Work Pod can maintain acoustic privacy whilst also making the most of the natural light in your office. Clever placement of office meeting booths means you and your team will still have access to natural light, whether working inside of a meeting pod or outside of it.

3. Create a lounge pod for your team

A lounge pod provides the privacy you need in a meeting room, but in a more laid back atmosphere so that you can feel more comfortable and informal. These are great for one-to-ones with your team members or informal client meetings. Although the layout is relaxed, your privacy is not; lounge pod meeting pods have an acoustic ceiling so you can ensure your conversations are private when they need to be. Unlike standard partitioning for offices, this lounge pod is demountable and customisable so you can choose the exact location and style you require for your office.