The Ultra-Modern Executive Desk Set

Your executive rooms in the workplace are where big decisions are made. It is where stakeholders meet and discuss matters of concern. It goes without saying that these rooms must be luxurious and should look welcoming. It can define the overall mood and verdict of the people occupying it.

Modern furniture is highly accommodating in the said regard. It is now designed in ways that also suit the vibe of the setting. So, with that in mind, it is now a necessity that your office installs state-of-the-art furniture pieces that exuberate class, elegance, and functionality.

Check out our picks of some of the modern executive desk sets.


Pera Executive Office Desk

The classical design of the Pera Executive Office Desk is perfect for managers, high-level directors, and other executive positions. It would complement a space seeking the traditional aesthetic while maintaining the versatility of a modern-day desk.

Its design features laser-cut patterns that give it a unique look. They can be seen on the desktop, front panels, sideboards, and TV units.

You can easily access the power cables from the sliding wrist pad integrated into the Pera Desk. The inside of the pedestals is covered in fabric to keep scuffs and other scratches at bay.

The table top finish, side panels, and hanging pedestals are available in a few length dimensions.


P80 Manager Desk

The P80 Manager Desk is a high-end table that is enough to meet the demands of a modern office. Suitable for managerial offices, the design might seem conventional, but its functionality is highly effective.

It has 8x8cm legs connected to a supporting beam, giving the design a sleek and classy finish with fine lines.

Since it has a modular frame, it can be customized to fit into any workplace setting while maintaining its formal characteristic and functional quality. It’s simple design is a standout while maintaining durability and elegance.


Keypiece Communication Desk

The multi-purpose Keypiece Communication Desk is not for any basic office. This adaptable and flexible desk is ideal for managerial-level tasks. The generous space provided here allows the user to be able to manage a handful of things at once. You can even install a desktop PC with a printer on the side.

The concealed wire management system lets you maintain a clean aesthetic. There is a turntable on top that hides the cable tank.

Its design includes the illusion of a floating desktop above the base container, which adds to its beauty. This holistic executive desk is enough for small and quick meetings without the need for any additional tables.


Key Takeaway For Executive Desk Set!

Your executive offices are the backbone of the company. Its vibe and environment have the power to impact final decisions. Hence, the aesthetics of the room must be given attention. Trust Apres Furniture for the best interior design consultation and customized units to suit the requirements of your workspace. Our furniture will leave a lasting impression on your clients and serve you for a lifetime.