The Ultimate Office Seating Options For Your Employees

While designing a workplace and adding furniture to it, employee comfort and functionality are the utmost priority. With the same in mind, furniture architects worldwide have spent countless hours researching and developing design pieces that serve the wellness and comfort of the person sitting on them.

Of course, in an office, where employees have to spend hours in one place, the right type of furniture equipment is a necessity.

Check out our picks of some of the best yet unique seating options for your workplace. Your employees will thank you for this!


Bensen U-turn Armchair

Looking for a fresh office revamp? The Bensen U-turn Armchair is your best bet for it. It is a unique yet classic evolution of the evergreen club chair.

This chair will bring the most radical shift from a traditional to a modern office environment. The chair’s undercut design allows for ease while standing up. The seat is scaled to perfection with back support and luxurious cushions. The Bensen U-turn armchair truly offers superb comfort.


The Box Lounger

This high-back lounge chair will turn heads around the office. The Box Lounger  is a uniquely designed chair covered from three sides with sound-absorbing materials.

Since it dampens surround sound, you can easily slip away from your busy work floor and take a side to sit peacefully and/or work in silence. They are also workable as room dividers, and with a high back, it adds height illusion.

Of course, it’s available in any colour you wish, depending on your workplace aesthetic. To be fair, it serves the looks in every shade.


X-Code Office Chair

X-code Office Chair is an ergonomic chair that provides next-level comfort. It adapts to the user that sits on it, providing them with varying chair heights and other configurations. The designer takes pride in the Synchro-Motion X mechanism that helps the X-code chair stand out from the rest.

Available in 4 variations, the X-code range is made to suit your requirement. From the backrest structure (polished aluminium or black or white) to its finishing (fabric or leather), you can customize it any way you want.


W-1 High Task Chair

It is simple, sustainable, and sleek. Our W-1 High Task Chair is the next generation of office chairs. With Dondola technology, this chair is a must in modern-day offices.

Its clear appearance with a shiny steel frame is all we’re here for. You have several options to customize in the W-1 chair. From seat height to cushioning variants, this one will suit your needs right as you want it to.


Key Takeaway For Office Seating!

The appropriate furniture pieces at a workplace reflect professionalism and how much the company cares about its employees. This also impacts how existing and potential clients look at your business as. When it comes to seating, in particular, trust Apres Furniture for all of it. We will truly make your life easier!