The Ultimate Boardroom Tables For Your Meetings

A conference or meeting table is required in every office because it is a hub for brainstorming innovative and bright ideas and a space to facilitate the meeting of minds. It helps give the attendants an excellent impression of your company and reflects your company’s brand and style.

With such responsibility on hand, purchasing the right type of meeting table is complex.


Apres Furniture can assist you in designing a meeting room conference table that fulfils all your requirements. We can make custom table shapes such as V-shaped, round, U-shaped, and square tables. Our team can even implement the latest systems into your table.

Continue to read this post ahead to learn about some of the ultimate boardroom tables for your meetings from Apres Furniture so that you can make a wise decision before purchasing one.


Spira Conference Table

The Spira Conference Table will look great in any advanced office setting. Its subtle design provides you with the necessary space. Spira conference table is versatile, iconic, and efficient, allowing you to handle any situation. It offers a reflective, vintage design combined with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

The table tops are oval, square, or rectangular, and the slightly curved corners emphasize the lightweight appearance. Multimedia Integration System (MIS) is available as an option. There is also a broad range of shapes available: the system elements can be combined to create an infinite number of setups. Custom shapes and several options for durable table bases are also available.


Skill Meeting Table

The Skill Meeting Table range has expanded to include conference tables with a rigid base frame for static meeting rooms. Even the large tabletop formats can be incorporated, with a light, sleek, and modern appearance and the same excellent craftsmanship as the portable flip-top tables.

The variety of Skill Table formats provides different options for every business meeting room environment. Ideal media integration is made possible by advanced cable management with hidden cable guides and easy plugging in at the tabletop level.


Mastermind Meeting Tables

The Mastermind Meeting Table is a customizable table solution that is ideal for any meeting or conferencing setting. It is usable as an individual table with various shaped tabletops, used in a small or medium-sized meeting room, or as a modular system that can create a meeting or conference table.

The surface of the Mastermind Table System is also available in a variety of touches.


Key Takeaway For Boardroom Tables!

Boardroom tables can have a massive effect on the aesthetics of your meeting room and the purpose that they serve. More technical and structured conference or boardroom tables give your meeting rooms a strategic and professional edge. Versatility is essential when selecting tables for your meeting rooms because a conference or boardroom table is a central focus of business for many people.

Our team at Apres Furniture has a great deal of knowledge in the office furniture industry. With our skills and experience, we can provide the proper guidance to assist you in investing in a boardroom table that meets your needs.