The Super Private Phone Pod Is Here

Imagine a crowded office, bustling with overlapping conversations. Your phone rings; it’s an important call. Somewhere quiet—? No, not the break room, they are celebrating someone’s birthday there. The bathroom is too far, you’ll miss the caller. There is nowhere to go, and it is hard to hear the person on the other side when you finally pick up your phone.

Anybody in that place would be irritated by this inconvenience. The most simple, prestigious answer: private phone pods. Not only do they function as a complete soundproof space for attending calls, but they are a getaway when things get too overbearing out there in the bullpen.

At Après, some of the best private phone pods are available for you. Here’s a brief take on a selected few to peek at what we have in stock.



The BuzziNest Phone Booth is an excellent substitute for huge investment and is all you need to eliminate noisy distractions from any workspace. While it enables up to 4 people to hold face-to-face meetings and collaborations in any open space without disturbing others or, more crucially, being bothered, the tiny acoustic private Booth For 1 offers a private space to work and accept calls.

BuzziNest effectively muffles sound from all directions to maximise peace for everyone in the office, whether you are working inside it or outside, thanks to its opulently upholstered exterior and fabric panels on the interior. Goodbye to noise and reverberation that is far too loud!


Prime Pod

The Prime Pod Phone Booth is a stand-alone oasis of peace that requires no laborious setup or remodelling for use. It blends the recognisable aesthetic with a special ventilation system, premium acoustic materials, elegant accents, and practical design.


Telephone Cube

When the open workplace is raucous, Telephone Cube offers a single user acoustic solitude. With a footprint of 1146 × 1146 mm, it provides a cosy setting for taking phone calls, whether they are personal or professional. The well-ventilated, low-noise, and energy-efficient human space cube line of privacy pods may supply 0 to 750 cubic metres of air per hour.

Telephone Cube is a booth with independent and flexible installation, a suspended acoustic ceiling covered in felt, integrated lighting (direct and indirect), and ventilation. The interior is made of a wooden acoustic panel with a functional track for a height-adjustable shelf, the exterior with a choice of melamine or magnetic film for the blackboard, and the door and the back with composite safety glass and anti-noise film.



The change occurring in the workplace from traditional working practices to spaces that enable and encourage flexibility and mobile working patterns is best exemplified by Spacio Office Mini Pods.

These systems, which are freestanding and room-in-room, deliver the best private workstations in an open-plan office setting. Spacio Acoustic Office Mini Pods are built with the best quality glass panels and acoustically reinforced upholstered screen panels to ensure insulation and a nearly noiseless meeting environment. They are the perfect spot for taking calls and doing individual work.


Key Takeaway For Private Phone Pod!

A quiet place for a me-time is essential for every employee in any of the businesses, whether it is a nine to five, or work-at-home. Pods provide you with that space. You can contact us at Après Furniture, and we will guide you on your final choice from the best of the best.