The Many Benefits Of Office Divider Screens

When you have a huge number of employees working in an organisation, you can’t assign each one of them a separate or private office space because that would take you a lot of area, and the cost of maintenance of the workplace would be double than usual. So, in such situations, you can get office divider screens to keep a division between each of your employees, providing them with a private working space connected to the office space. The office divider screens are one of the best office products you can get for your workplace, and here are a few of the many benefits it brings to the table.



Office divider screens are well-known for adding a modern and aesthetic touch to any workplace. Available in different colours and sizes, they give you an option to choose the one that matches the overall design of your office.



The modern open-plan offices are all about employees working together without having any boundaries in the office, and the desks are interconnected to enhance maximum employee collaboration. However, that results in a lack of basic privacy that employees need, to feel safe at their workplace.

With office divider screens, you can ensure a little privacy for your employees and also keep the layout of open-plan offices.


Less Distraction

Open-plan offices are often full of distractions such as phones ringing, employees chatting, individuals typing on the keyboards loudly, etc. You cannot avoid these distractions until you find a solution to bring about a change within your office layout, and that solution is adding office divider screens.


The Best Office Divider Screens For You

At Apres Furniture, we offer many different office divider screens for our valuable customers to help them build a more productive environment within their open-plan offices. However, if you have to choose the best one among those, we recommend getting our wall room dividers.


Wall Room Dividers

The wall room dividers available on our website are specially designed for open-plan offices to ensure audio and visual privacy with their extended height and acoustic screens. They are available in many colours, and we also provide the option to customise them to add a personal touch.


Moreover, you might get the wrong impression with the slim design, but we can assure you that being slim and sleek is better for productivity than many other office divider screens you can find on the market.



Office screen dividers are a simple and cost-effective solution to add a touch of privacy and personal space for your employees in your open-plan offices. They are highly beneficial in terms of adding extra productivity and minimising distraction within the environment.

If you are looking for the best office divider screens, you need to take a look at our collection at Apres Furniture. We have a wide variety of products, and we can even make customised designs for you. Contact us now for any queries or placing an order!