The High Office Table Your Office Needs For Improved Working

Working on laptops and desktops has become the new norm, but this scenario also has a few cons. From experiencing back pains to cardiovascular diseases, it leads to numerous health problems. When we constantly work, we usually become inactive. We sit at our desks for longer hours which also decreases our productivity but not anymore.

If you have a high office table, your productivity will increase instantly. These tables are standard high desks with adjustable stools. They can also be raised or lowered according to your needs. Moreover, they come in various shapes and designs, so your office can enjoy the new look.

Here are a few high office tables your office needs for improved working.


Skylon Work Booth System

Modern offices need modern designs. Skylon Work Booth System is made to fix your posture while giving you a relaxed environment. It has sofas, armchairs, and a linking screen so you can work in serenity.

It can also be made into an enclosed meeting area if needed so you can discuss complex tasks and projects as well. The fixed seating and cushions are made with a soft fabric to make you feel comfortable whenever you are working.


Spacio Double Lounge Pad

Spacio Double Lounge Pad is a two-person private high office table that gives a quiet space to put together all your thoughts. It has some side tables and soft seating units, giving you ample space to work all day long. Its integrated power with data pixels makes you instantly blend into the technological environment.

It also has a perfect lighting and ventilation system to make you feel relaxed so you can work for hours without any hassle.


Bench Table

Another infamous high office table is The Bench Table. It is specially made for people who work all day long in their offices. With this table in the office, you can work, eat, drink, and do meetings – all at the same place.

This unique table can also be configured to numerous sizes, according to your needs, so that you can have an agile working space. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one table, this is absolutely your cup of tea.


Co Table

Co Table is a perfect solution for the shared working environment. If you have a team working on a project, this is your go-to high office table. It has storage shelves with laminated tops, which elevate its look. Moreover, it comes in different colours, so you can blend the table with the aesthetics of your office. With its natural oak legs and robust structure, you won’t have to replace it ever.


Key Takeaway For High Office Table!

A high office table is truly the need of every office. It makes you work for hours without any discomfort. If you are looking for the best variety of tables, check out the amazing collection at Après Furniture. We have every shape, size, colour, and design so you can choose the best one for your office.