The Best And Most Durable Conference Desks For The Workplace

You do not invest in office furniture for it to last a few months or years. It is an investment meant to last decades without showing signs of weakness or wear and tear, making it look less appealing.

Constant technological improvements and changes in design preferences often lead to outdated pieces. But of course, you cannot renovate your office now and then. You must install timeless pieces that support the modern aesthetic, are long-lasting, and are versatile.

In addition, at a place where business executives and senior-level people have to meet, you must be careful of the above. You do not want them to spend money on furniture yearly, so make the right impression with the right conference desks.

Here are some of the best and most durable conference desks on the market.


Temptation Prime Conference Table

Made with the most luxurious and solid material, the Temptation Prime Conference Table is a classic example of elegance and strength in the workplace. It is meant to make the ultimate first impression that will last long.
The Temptation Prime Table will strike everyone’s eye, from senior board members to other high-level personnel. It has a slimline tabletop, and a sturdy steel frame, and is made with either beech, ash, or oak wood that is cleanly sourced.
Andreas Struppler has ensured this one adds substance and sophistication to the room it is placed in.


EC4 Meeting Table

The EC4 Meeting Table is made with sustainable and organic materials, practically bringing nature back to the workplace. It is made in Britain and sourced from FSC-certified suppliers.

Made with solid oak legs and optional oak laminate details, the EC4 Meeting Table is sleek and long-lasting. A steel cantilever under-structure further supports the structure.
You can further add desktop power and data connections for more functionality. Additionally, its availability in various tops, shapes, and sizes finishes means you can customise this environment-friendly conference table.


Concrete Conference Table

Do not be scared of incorporating statement pieces within your office anymore. They add substance to the room, and our Concrete Conference Table is here for it. You can choose between a tabletop combining concrete and oak or a thoroughly concrete tabletop. Its raw nature will add a unique aesthetic to your conference room.

Our Yorkshire-based artisans carefully design this table with unique techniques per your specifications. It has an integrated power cable system with access points making the table easy to manoeuvre around.
If you want complimentary furniture for the room with the same aesthetic, you can get a concrete credenza or coffee table made as well.


Key Takeaway For Conference Desks!

Look no further than Apres Furniture if you’re looking for durable yet sophisticated pieces. We assist you in interior designing and customising the right furniture for your place. Reach out to our team and learn how you can change your space with a few timeless additions.