Stylish Canteen Furniture For Your Workplace

The only reason employees visit the canteen is to refresh themselves. In addition, since sitting for more extended hours doing a job tends to wear a person out, it only makes sense for the person to receive a “Well done,” in the shape of a canteen or breakout furniture of the finest quality.

Further, with quality aside, it has to be taken into consideration that the aesthetics of the office building do not clash with that of the break room or canteen. Continue to read this post ahead to learn about some of the stylish canteen furniture options available at Après Furniture.


Zed Bar Stool

A contemporary high-seating option for bars, cafés, and offices with high tables is the Zed Bar Stool.

They truly stick out because of the impressive design they have. They come in six colours: white, silver, black, red, purple, and pistachio. The Zed Bar stools are aesthetically appealing and go well with any modern décor. In addition, the stools offer a contemporary style without sacrificing comfort.

Zed Bar Stool is made of polyurethane with a steel insert and includes a footrest made of chromium-plated steel. With gas seat height adjustment, it has a nice swivel movement.


Wilmer S Chair O55

A comfortable chair for contemporary breakout spaces, casual meetings, and eating areas is the Wilmer S Chair O55. Stefan Borselius created this elegant lounge armchair with delicate lines and great functionality.


Tryst Sofa Range

A wide range of contemporary soft seating options is available for workplace break rooms under the Tryst Sofa Range by Roger Webb Associates.

The Tryst Sofa Range is a collection of low-back and high-back armchairs and sofas members of the Tryst family, including Tryst Privacy Booths. A sturdy structure is provided by steel beams under the frame, cast aluminium legs, and a hardwood subframe, while sprung seats and plenty of CMHR foam offer outstanding comfort.

Tryst can artistically complement or contrast with a wide range of architectural settings because of its large selection of materials, colours, and textures.


Tree Side Tables

The Young Lady Chair Range is complemented by Paolo Rizzatto’s Tree Side Tables. Its table top is available in wood, clear crystal glass, or etched glass, and its framework is composed of die-cast aluminium that has been polished or stove enamelled.

Tree Tables may be used as coffee or cafe tables since they come in a variety of heights with either fixed or height-adjustable heights.

Each piece in this collection is particularly suited for a variety of purposes in the home or the workplace, in the reception or breakout area, thanks to its aesthetic and practical attributes.


Stretch Soft Seating

Stretch Soft Sitting is a collection of modular sofas with eight seating components that can be expanded to fit any room. Stretch a simple armchair or a two-seater couch into the ideal corner sofa unit layout. Stretch Soft seating may be used to divide an office area and is perfect for unwinding in the staff break room, canteen, or brainstorming area. Its components can be equipped with silver-finished, beech- or oak-finished legs.


Key Takeaway For Canteen Furniture!

It is important to let the employees loosen up in the break room or canteen. After having worked for the entire day or even till lunchtime, it becomes necessary for employees to have a spot where they can relax, and this is where comfortable canteen furniture comes in. You can explore more canteen furniture options on our website at Après Furniture.