Spacio Meeting Pods Can Nurture Your Creative Introverts

“Introverts prefer to work independently, and solitude can be a catalyst to innovation,” states Susan Cain in her ground breaking book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Spacio Meeting Pods provide a completely quiet cocoon for the introverted creative to blossom. After all, office meetings can be a gathering of one, as well as two or more.

Keep sensitive discussions in and distracting noise out

When considering office meeting room design ideas, spare a thought for your collaborators who wish to share their thoughts discreetly as part of an overall open environment. Spacio Meeting Pods keep sensitive discussions in and distracting noise out. There’s nothing an introvert fears more than an eavesdropper, which is why they speak so softly. A flexible and private workspace can be created in a pod, with a range of office meeting room furniture and equipment, to share work on a project as well as to just meet and talk.

Balancing the needs of extroverts and introverts

Balancing the needs and productivity of both extroverts and introverts requires office meeting spaces to be both open plan and secluded. That may seem difficult to achieve, but it’s perfectly possible with one or more office meeting room pods. The extrovert can thrive on the buzz of interaction with co-workers, and the introvert can commune in perfect silence in an acoustic meeting booth. Or vice versa. Encourage your extroverts to take their energetic brain storming session into a soundproofed office meeting space to avoid distracting those focusing intensely on tasks in the open plan area.

Thriving as an introvert in a creative office

The addition of office meeting room pods to any work environment acknowledges the different styles of achieving in your team. Maybe on the agenda of the first meeting in your Spacio Meeting Pod could be how to thrive as an introvert in a creative collective? Providing a safe space for more introverted colleagues will considerably reduce their stress levels at work. Introverts will resort to survival techniques such as working earlier or later or even hiding in the bathroom. It would be good to reassure them that it’s fine to book an office meeting room just for some peace.

Spacio Meeting Pods can be personalised in design to reflect the character of your office or business and to further create a recognisably separate place of retreat. To download our Spacio price list please click on the button below and get your creatives thriving in an acoustic office.