Spacio Meeting Pods And The Necessity Of Privacy

The modern open-plan office space is fairly inescapable. Its benefits are many, including greater flexibility of space and increased capacity for communication. This means they allow for much more efficient and effective collaborative work, and if you work in a creative division you’ll know how important this ease of collaboration can be. However, all open-plan all the time just doesn’t work for some people. Here’s why:

The need for privacy

Working in a creative space means needing the freedom to have ideas – and, more importantly, the freedom to have bad ones. Having a workplace sounding-board in the form of supportive colleagues is great, but, just as you wouldn’t want to share every single idea you had throughout the workday, your colleagues will not (nor should they be expected to) be in full receptive listening mode. Equally, to develop your absolute best ideas, realistically everyone sometimes needs a space of solitude. Everyone needs that space to feel totally unafraid of throwing out ideas without fear of them being taken out of context. Moreover, some people are just shyer and less open to sharing their thoughts without time to think about them first – and that’s fine too.

The need for focus

According to Cal Newport, ‘deep work’ is a focused state in which the brain can really get on with the task at hand, without having to expend its energy dispelling distractions or multitasking. Realistically, this kind of work is best done in quiet isolation. Therefore an environment like a bustling office is not always the best place to get things done, like reviewing a project or finishing a task during crunch time – but how would you then organise an office to let communication and enthusiasm still flow freely?


A possible solution

In order to keep the advantages of the open-plan office, while allowing ideas to be explored in quiet depth, Spacio meeting pods may be installed around a space. These can range in size and function from phone booths, so employees can take private phone calls, to meeting room pods for multiple people to gather and chat in peace and quiet. The soundproofing and beautiful, modern design ensure a perfect spot for you to focus deeply on a project – and sometimes that necessitates saying or thinking really, really stupid things!