Spacio Bricks Is A Complete Acoustic Office Solution


Designed in Germany, these acoustic pods are made to insulate users from the everyday noises associated with open plan offices, affording them some much-needed privacy to fulfil mentally strenuous tasks without interruption or make phone calls that should not be overheard. Office Bricks are the first patented sound insulating cabin system for professional use in office, fair trade and industry environments that requires no drilling, screws or even adhesive bonding. Spacio Bricks can simply be stuck together in a matter of minutes due to its modular design.

We offer bespoke, and fully customisable Spacio Bricks options. These allow you to still get quality soundproofing as a standard feature, but the rest, well that’s up to you to tell us where to do what.

The following customisations are available:

  • Cabin size (any size within the 30 cm modular grid pattern is available)
  • Individual colour design (all NCS colours available) and printing of parts or the entire cabin on demand
  • Individual branding and printing with patterns and structures (e. g. concrete-like design)
  •  Individual colour combination of bricks and absorbers
  • Custom-built interior fittings and designs (for example video screens, desktop references or acoustic absorbers in several designs)
  • Further optional add-ons available like “On Air” sign, bench seat, special resistant surface, light panel, folding door, individual interior fittings
  • We also offer special designed Spacio Bricks cabins, e.g.: Logo milling Texture printing, e.g., cement style

We can gladly advise you and make you a suitable offer depending on your needs. Spacio Bricks Customisation is a simple process which we will guide you through from conception to completion.