Soundproof Meeting Pods For Your Confidential Business

The lack of any kind of divider in over seventy per cent of offices exposes workers to many distractions. Even the infamous cubicles do not stamp out high-pitched, ringing sounds. So yes, many problems are associated with open workplaces, and their adverse effects on workers are a different concern altogether.

The private phone booth or meeting pod is elegant and well-built, with walls to cut off visual disturbances and a sliding door that can shut out most noises. The use of silent fans, a ventilation system, and LED lights ensure that the occupants have adequate visibility and airflow for comfort.

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Spacio Lounge Pod

For a quick, casual conversation while escaping the office hubbub, use the two-person Spacio Lounge Pod. The lounge pod’s basic furniture includes a tiny side table and two soft chair pieces with built-in power and data pixel modules at the base. This can also be used for the senior managers to sit down and discuss the order of the day. It depends on the situation, but Spacio Lounge Pod has been useful many times and praised by many.


Hako Acoustic Lounge Pod

The Hako soundproof pods improve the acoustics of modern workplace environments. They are inspired by industrial architecture and warehouses. In Japanese, the word for it is “box.” It accentuates the modular appearance of its framework by specifically referring to conventional Japanese grid systems.

The multiplicity of parts enabled the designers to polish architectural elements for several uses, such as individual pods to large-scale meeting spaces. With the bottom of the booth removed, it has mobility, accommodates wheelchair access, automated lighting, an effective ventilation system, and cable management for the facilities—all without compromising stability.


Air Acoustic Pods

Need to sit alone and be by yourself to complete a task or conduct a business meeting? There’s one solution to both. A one-person acoustic tiny pod and big office meeting pods may both be formed using Air Acoustic Pods, which are movable, unfixed privacy rooms.


Human Space Cube Pods

With the use of Human Space Cube Pods, your office layout would feature a private room just for your needs. The practical room-within-a-room solution is a systematic design that is top-quality with ideal lighting, acoustics, and well-functioning ventilation.


Air3 Meeting Pods

With a unique opening and closing roof mechanism that satisfies the strictest Global Building Regulations and Standards, Air3 Meeting Pods check all the right boxes. A range of small and large freestanding private meeting places are available from Air3 Meeting Pods.

Not to mention that it may be disassembled and transported, repositioned, or reused to accommodate changing business requirements. Even in sprinkler environments, Air3 Office Pods provide an untethered flexible room system; sprinkler heads no longer need to be dropped into the pods.


Key Takeaway For Soundproof Meeting Pods !

If you need soundproof meeting pods, Après Furniture won’t leave you stranded. You will find some of the best ones on our website, so don’t hesitate to explore the collection available.