Some Of Our Favourite Office Furniture Pieces


Ori.Tami Armchair Bed

As the name suggests, this little gem offers more than meets the eye. The Ori.Tami Armchair Bed takes up very little floor space making it ideal for small apartments. With Ori Tami, designer Giulio Manzoni, drew his inspiration from multifunctional tatami, the Japanese floor bed that is folded away every morning. This particular incarnation of the Japanese floor bed, however, sports Italian materials and technology which makes it suitably swish for any modern space!


Bloss Task Chairs

Don’t let the minimalist appearance of this bit of modern office kit fool you – it packs quite a technological punch: Bloss Office Task Chair is available in translucent mesh and features automatic back tension adjustment and a horizontally adjustable seat, with optional clip-on fabric or leather covers for the seat and backrest.  As a further option, the seat back is available with a height adjustable lumbar support, the front side of which is padded with PU to provide comfort to the user’s back while leaning on it.



We love it when manufacturers add a dollop of fun to their designs, And BuzziSpace are masters of fun… The BuzziRug is the ideal decorative piece to liven up any dreary office or living room. BuzziRugs come as BuzziRug Wool, BuzziRug Patch and BuzziRug Sisal. BuzziRug Wool is made from a 100% natural wool while the BuzziRug Patch is available in eye-catching designs. BuzziRug Sisal are sturdy, classic reed carpets that are pretty hardwearing. Despite being used as floor coverings for aeons already, BuzziSpace gave it a creative modern update!


Ahrend Balance Adjustable Desks

Ergonomics are important. And that’s why Ahrend have focused all their design clout on perfecting this adjustable desk.  This modern ergonomic desking range offer both a slender minimal design but stable construction, and smart method of assembly make it a smart sit-stand solution. Ahrend Balance adjustable height desks offer modularity allowing it to fit well with other office desk ranges in Ahrend’s portfolio with integrated walls and panels. This helps you achieve the working environment that best fits your staff’s requirement.


Suri Pouf

Suitable for just about any environment, the Suri Pouf is a creative, light weight, low seating solution that ads a bit of je ne sais quoi to wherever they are found. The soft cube like design with contrasting stitch detail and button make Suri Pouf a must have furniture element. Suri can be placed in breakout spaces, informal meeting areas – agile spaces and in the open plan office.