Series 7 Chair Is The Most Duplicated Chair In History

There’s something to be said about being the most copied chair in history. Arne Jacobsen‘s Model 3107 chair, also affectionately known as the Keeler Chair or the Series 7 chair, first came into production nearly 50 years ago using a technique in which plywood could be bent and moulded in three dimensions.

Jacobsen exploited the possibilities of lamination and perfected the shape of this iconic chair, ironically, after having a good long gawk at a chair made by the husband and wife design-duo, Charles and Ray Eames.

Republic of Fritz Hansen alone has sold more than 5 million units which are available with a wide range of undercarriages: a regular four-legged chair, an office chair or as a stool.

Although it is widely believed that the Model 3107 was used in the iconoclastic portrait of Christine Keeler during her time as a model, the myths surrounding Lewis Morley’s portrait of her is false in more sense than one.


The chair ultimately used in the photograph was an imitation of the original – the handhold cut out on the back of the chair was a ploy to avoid copyright infringements. Secondly, the image was captured not on a model-shoot but during the height of “The Profumo Affair” which involved the revelation of the War Minster’s extra-curricular with a young would-be model, Christine Keeler.

Now, more than 60 years after its debut, the  Series 7 Chair is still as popular as ever and comes with seat shells in different veneers and finishes. All chairs are made of pressure moulded sliced veneer while ront upholstery or full upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather types.

The Series 7 Chair shell is steam bent in one piece that is made out of 9 layers of veneer. These layers are always lined with Indian cotton on the inside. The Series7 chair is available in 9 natural wood types and in 12 colours in fully lacquered (the grain is NOT visible, and two chairs will always be identical) and coloured ash (the grain is visible and two shells might not be 100% identical). It is available as front upholstered and fully upholstered as well.

The base is made of chromed steel and comes in 2 heights (43 cm / 46 cm).