The Scala Shelving System Is Infinitely Flexible

Most of us have a few possessions that we are quite proud of – be it a cactus that you’ve managed to keep alive for four years or an Ai Wei Wei Middle Finger cast in chrome – and that needs a special place for the attention of guests when they pop over for a G&T or clients when they need your services.

Scala Shelving

The Scala Shelving System is a stylish shelving unit, paired back with a clear grid structure, making your showpiece the star of the show.  Scala Shelving is offered as a freestanding shelf as well as for wall mounting. No matter if used as an individual element or infinitely flexible system, mounted on the wall or freestanding: Scala’s minimalist structure shines through, and the shelves are designed around a clever, innovative design principle.


Scala Shelving System is easy to assemble and the modular shelves and storage compartments can be rearranged at any time. The metal frame is available in widths of 60, 90 and 120 cm. These elements can be strung together unlimitedly. Scala shelves are made of metal, wood or glass, as well as closed storage compartments (with cable outlet), are mounted in a frame structure with an alternating raster of 14 cm and 24 cm. This way you create your own individual piece of furniture. Scala has all it needs to perfectly function as a coat rack: With its stable feet and a range of hooks, it is the ideal object to help you declutter your hallway.

Dimensions: H / W divers x D 32 cm