Sage Head Office Install Spacio Pods

We recently installed four bespoke Spacio Bricks Phone Booths into the Sage office in Reading.

At Sage, there existed a need for both collaborative areas as well as spots where quiet work is possible. The most cost- and space effective solution to this issue was to employ the use of some Spacio Bricks.

Spacio Bricks Phonebooths

Taking into account the nature of hot-desking and agile working, noise pollution would be a problem for those who need peace and quiet to concentrate on a specific task at hand. These units offer acoustic properties that allow the user to be isolated from outside noise as well as the other way around.

These acoustic privacy booths were customised to fit into the Sage office’s colour palette and “On-Air” lights were added on to let employees know when booths are occupied.


Our installation team took care of the building and positioning of the four units while causing minimal disruption to the workday of employees.


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