Pouffes Should Feature In Your Breakout Room

Pouffes are handy things. They not only lend a bit of style to spaces that would otherwise seem empty and cold, they also serve a functional purpose, and quite often come with some nifty hidden features like storage. Here are a few of our favourite pouffes:

Brand new to our portfolio, the Pod Pouf is a carefully shaped stool that is designed to add a decorative element to homes. Pod Pouf does, however, come with a few functional benefits and can be used as an extra seat, a footrest for your tired feet and a container for all that extra stuff you have to get rid of in a hurry before guests arrive. The Pod Pouf’s lid is upholstered in selected fabrics and has a comfortable, flexible polyurethane foam seat. The legs are conic in shape and made of solid wood and available as ash or black.


Pucca Pouffes and pouffes, in general, are made to perform their function in more than one place. They are often moved around the room to where they are required to create some comfort. Pucca Pouffes feature this mobility with a handy functional piercing; a ring that can be used as a handle to pull the seat closer to where it is required.


Puppa Pouf O53 is a fun soft seating stool. With its bulbous shape, it’s a playful and comfortable piece from designer Stefan Borselius. You can also use Puppa as a footstool together with Oppo seating, or as a freestanding seat in its own right. This modern ottoman is ideal to be used in breakout areas, informal lounge areas or to add colour to reception areas. Perfect for education environments, too, such as universities, schools and colleges. Puppa resembles the aesthetic of the classic bean bag but is arguably more comfortable.